CMS 219 Documentary Shoot

25 02 2010


Visit to WBGO Radio station

25 02 2010

Water documentary research

23 02 2010

Read the following links and create a 2-page bullet point summary of the information.

Pre-production Planning

12 02 2010

You should submit the following by the end of class:

1.  Well-drawn storyboard that clearly shows what the shots are

2.  Shot list

3. Call sheet

Check out these call sheets (1 and 2) to create your own call sheet.

Film Budgeting 102

12 02 2010

1.  Take the budget from last class and cut approximately $3000 from it.  You will have to decide where to cut and what you will substitute for it.

Then write a post below detailing your budget substitutions and why you chose them.

2.  Write a 100-word response to the question:  How does a film’s budget impact its mise en scene (Setting, lighting, actors’ performance, and costume/make up)?  How does it impact its cinematography (the way shots look, the format it is shot on, etc.)?

Film Budgeting 101

5 02 2010


For this exercise, you are going to prepare a simple, independent production budget.

1. Download the form below and open in excel or recreate the form in Microsoft Word or google docs.

Sample_DV_Budget PDF

2. Go to the various sites listed and research the costs associated with each item or service.
Digibeta tape mastering — $300/1 hour tape

3.  Compile and total your costs to arrive at your total budget.

In the film industry, above-the-line expenditures are those that are negotiated or spent before filming begins. These costs can include rights for the material on which the screenplay is based; and the salaries for the screenwriter, actors, producers and director among others.

The term comes from the early studio days when the budget top-sheet would literally have a line separating the above-the-line and below-the-line costs.

The Bugdet Top Sheet (see handout), usually lists the totals for all aspects of the production, from pre-production to promotion.  Film budgets can be 50 pages or more and are quite complex.  Th Top Sheet summarizes the details of the production.

Different areas of the production are given accounts, so for example, promotions does not end up spending the Art department’s funds.