Film Budgeting 102

12 02 2010

1.  Take the budget from last class and cut approximately $3000 from it.  You will have to decide where to cut and what you will substitute for it.

Then write a post below detailing your budget substitutions and why you chose them.

2.  Write a 100-word response to the question:  How does a film’s budget impact its mise en scene (Setting, lighting, actors’ performance, and costume/make up)?  How does it impact its cinematography (the way shots look, the format it is shot on, etc.)?




11 responses

12 02 2010
andy mejia

To cut out three thousand dollars, I first took out the van rental at $623.80 made with Enterprise. Then, I thought about taking half the meals away from the budget which will total at $500.00. Then, I took out 2 Lacie External Drives at $430.00 for both. Finally, take out 1 day of editing at the HD Edit Suite for $2,250.00. to put some pressure on the final production. The sum will come up as so:

+ 430.00
= 3,803.80

However, given the amount it adds up to we can NOT sacrifice the food and reduce the 500.00 from the cut and it will come out to 3,303.80.

– 500.00
=3,303.80 (New Total)

12 02 2010
Isaiah Cruz

From the budget i saved 3136.90 i took out one of the P2 cards that leaves 2 cards for the price of 790. That is because 32 gigabyte cards should be enough for the film that you are making. I also cut 5 days from editing that ends up to be 2500 dollars and you really do not need all 15 days when you can finish the rest yourself. Then i cut the 4 lacie external drives 1 TB to 2 drives because like with the p2 cards your not gonna really need all that space for a 2 hour movie that has been made that cuts down the drive balance to 291.90 dollars. then i cut down the cost of the digibeta master tape to 2 tapes and the cost of that is 600 dollars. Finally i cut the price of the meals from 10.00 dollars to 7.00 because they can just go to McDonalds and get seven things off the dollar menu and be satisfied with it. In the end my budget turned out to be 10841.75.

12 02 2010
Millie Herrera

I removed two 16GB P2 Cards and I decided to purchase just one. One card can store up to 45 minutes of data. After using up the card, I can easily transfer it’s memory to my hard drive to deplete the space on the card. In other words, it can be reusable. I am saving $790.00.

I decided to go for the Arri Basic Lights package which includes lights, stands, power cords, and barn doors. My former manager from Home Depot will donate the remaining supplies from the Deluxe package which included gloves, extension cord, gels, 10 Clothespins. I am saving $60.00.

My crew decided to buy a less expensive Lacie External Drive 1 TB. The original price was $245/drive. I made sure the drive contained the firewire and backup software. Instead of four drives I am purchasing two at $149/drive. I am saving $349.00.

My uncle owns a car dealership in Jersey City. He will be providing the van free of charge. I am saving $598.41.

My producer has editing experience along with the appropriate software. We will only use one week worth of edit Suite. During the rest of the time period my producer will take over. I am saving $1,500.00.

My overall budget cut is $3,297.92.

12 02 2010
Ana Naddaf

1. 1. First of all, I decided to eliminate one shift/day of my entire production. I cut approximately $ 300 of my budget with rent of camera, sound, and light packages. It seems little, but that way I would also have to deal with one less day of working with crew, rent of van, driver, and meals. After that, I decided to find sponsors for meals, looking for different restaurants in the neighborhood of the shooting. That way, I cut $ 1,000 of my budget. Instead of rent a van, I found out a friend that could help me with that – having “in-kind” cost for the van, I cut $ 479 of the total. For post production, I cut 2 external drives (- $ 291.90) and cut also 5 days of pro edit suite (- $ 750) – I could do the whole “pre-work” of editing (select scenes, music, and some after effects) in my own final cut. Subtracting also a new contingency (- $ 271.71), I ended up on cutting – $ 2,988.81. (Ana Naddaf)

12 02 2010
Justin Blevins

$3000 budget cut from $13,978.65

13,978.65 minus (1) 16 GB P2 Card ($395)
(2) Lacie external drive 1 tb (291.09)
Van Rental (99.85)-Replace with multiple family vehicles.
(1) Digibeta Master (300)
Fine Cut Editor-(1000)- Film Connections in family with resources and editing experience.
Sound Mix (1000)- Film and and music connections and experience.

How it affects the quality of the film?
I didn’t make any sacrifices that could significantly take away from the look and feel intended for the film. While I did cut the sound and editing, it is not a loss. I believe it is more of a gain having someone in the family I already have chemistry with and who has experience and resources making things alot easier financially. Being that my entire family lives here and they all work in the entertainment field or media field it is in my advantage. The empty spots that we may have to improvise on I would rely on the artistically ability of the crew.

19 02 2010
Aline Gallo

The first thing I would cut its the $10.00 p person. Its not hard to negociate a discount, specially when we are talking about 100 people. I would say the cost can be $5 each person, ending up to half price that it was (end up to $500.00).
Then I would eleminate the 3 cards of 16 GB. I say 1 16 GB its enough. If it s really needed then buy the other one. Then I would cut the 4 Lacie external drive 1 tb to only 1, saving $413.00. And finally i would cut the 15 days rental of the HD Edit Suite to 7 days, saving half the cost it is for 15 days, $1125.00. I think it doesnt really need to be rent for all 15 days. When you have the content, then you use it.
My savings totalized $2.853.00.
For last, I would try get discount in every buy and rental i would do. Suggest certain agreements with companies, etc.

I say the impact in equipments impact considerably the way the movies turn out to be. Its the most important part. But, if you dont have people that know how to work with that, your movie also is not going to be good enough. So this is the most important part. Also, of course the make up, the scenarium counts, but its not hte most important in the budget.

5 03 2010
Samuel Nash 3rd

I was able to save 1600.00 dollars on HD Edit Suit. instead of 3,750.00, I was able to get it at a cost of 750.00 per week in the amount of 2150.00. I was also able to get the food cost per day down to 5.00 per meal, at a 500.00 savings. Instead of 3 Digibeta Masters I only needed 2 at a savings of 300.00.
also I was able to eliminate the Van Rental, because one of my requirements is that you have your own transportation, which saved me an additional 623.00 from Enterprise rentals, and a friend of mine provided me with in kind services on equipment transportation = $12,557.00 and a contigency cost of 1250.00 which brought the total amount to $13, 812.50

5 03 2010
Samuel Nash

The following is the reading assignment Professor Wager
February 19, reading assessment assignment

1.Focus refers to what? Sharpness and clarity of picture
2.Exposure refers to what? The color of light
3.White Balance refers to what? The color of light
4.Shutter speed refers to what? D. How motion appears
5.How many frames are in a second for standard definition? none of the above
6.High definition Video must have the following characteristics: 16:9 aspect ratio
7.High definition Video (HDV) comes in what resolution? A. 1920×1080
8.3-point lightig refers to what?All of the above
9.How can you control the intensity of your lighting? Add ND gels
10.What is the ideal range for digital sound? ]0 to 10db
11. You should use a boom mic for what situtaions? None of the above should use a Lavalier mic in what situtations? Controlled interviews
13.Wide screen Video uses what aspect ratio? A. 16:9
14. Head room refers to what? Space above your subjects head and frame
15.A medium shot refers to what? A. When subject is framed from the waiste up
16. A close up shot refers to what? Shots ranging from the chest or shoulders to the top of the head.

I must have just missed you, have a great weekend

5 03 2010
Samuel Nash

sorry, answer no. is B. Professor Brightness/darknessof picture, also we did our voice over of the poem for my shoot next Friday. Wow

7 04 2010

1. Focus refers to what? Focus and clarity of the picture.

2. Exposure refers to what? The color of the light , brightness and gain levels.

3. White Balance refers to what? The particular shade of white that is being used in a shot.

4. Shutter Speed refers to what? How quick motion appears. Shutter speed is how fast the lens goes from frame to frame.

5. How many Frames are in a second for standard definition? 4:3 aspect ratio

6. High Definition Video must have the following characteristics: 16:9 aspect ratio

7. High Definition Video (HDV) comes in what resolution? 1920×1080

8. 3-point lighting refers to what? Lighting fixtures in front of, and on either side of the subject.

9. How can you control the intensity of your lighting? Add ND Gels

10. What is the ideal range for digital sound? 0 to 10db

11. You should use a boom mic for what situation? When audio is needed from the subjects, and lavalier mics are not an option. It’s held over-head and out of the way.

12. You should use a lavalier mic in what situation? When the subject is stationary, and this mic is available.

13. Wide Screen video uses what aspect ratio? 16:9

14. Head room refers to what? The amount of space between the top of the subject’s head, and the top of the shot.

15. A medium shot refers to what? A camera shot ranging from mid chest to a few inches above the subject’s head

16. A close up shot refers to what? A camera shot focusing on the subjects face. It ranges from shoulders to top the the head.

7 04 2010

How does a film’s budget impact its mise en scene (Setting, lighting, actors’ performance, and costume/make up) ? How does is impact its cinematography (the way shots look, the format it is shot on, etc.)?

A film’s budget is one of the most important, and frequently asked questions regarding a film project. The budget is the amount of money allocated to a particular film’s expenditures. This is a set amount of cash there for the express use of purchasing any and everything necessary to execute the film producers plan. Budgeting affects the mise en scene because it dictates the amount of man-power, the quality of equipment, as well as the caliber of on-screen talent willing to be a part of the project. Aspiring film-makers are always walking the fine line between ‘making more with less’ and finding ways to constantly ‘boost the budget’. Organizing a budget is a very tedious task, and getting a bang for your buck is just as hard to do as getting the money in the first place. The budget of a film will be a great indicator of the end result of the project.

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