Lecture on Haiti, Radio Class

29 03 2010

Presentation given by Dahoud Andre, Haitian radio journalist on March 8, 2010.

Play file haiti_1-2


Timecode Basics

24 03 2010

Check out this video on timecode basics:


Also read the following on high definition video basics:


Tutorial for Adobe Premiere

24 03 2010

Check out this tutorial for Adobe Premiere:


In Class screening of Sicko by Michael Moore

17 03 2010

Answer the following questions related to the film:
Sicko Movie Discussion Questions:
1. What problem is the movie addressing?

2. What are the possible solutions presented in the movie?

3. How do “politics” play a role in problem definition? How do politics play a role in
Moore’s movie?

4. Is Moore’s movie a solid, professional analysis of the issue? Or a weak, biased one?

5. If you had to make a film on US health care would you take the same approach? Why or why not?