Sports Announcer Gig

20 05 2011
Department: Public Relations Full / PT Time:    15 – 30 Hours
Supervisor:  Director of Public Relations | GM Location:    Essex County
The New Jersey Spartans’ Official Announcer is responsible for presenting the Play-by-Play Coverage of the 
NJ Spartans Home Games.  
● Must be comfortable with speaking publicly with and without a script.
● Provide a fun and engaging Play-by-Play narration of the game in progress.
● Create and Maintain a High, Positive Energy for the fans during Game Time.
● Supply anecdotal information about players and coaches and statistical and fun facts about the teams.
● Get comments from the coach or players if there are any breaks in play that provide this opportunity.
● Announce any Game activities, including, but not limited to Half-Time Shows, Raffles, etc.
● Promote the Team’s upcoming Home & Away Games and Special Spartan Events.
● Responsible for conveying any special paid for advertising announcements
● Acts as Master of Ceremony during Spartans Fundraiser and Special Events.
● Provide a recap / written story to be published in the issues of the Spartan Times Newspaper.
● Promote and sell tickets for games and special events as well as Spartan merchandise.
● Event Assistance – It is mandatory that Interns be available to help with any events occurring during 
the Internship (i.e. games, fundraisers, promotions and other special events hosted by the Spartans)
● Provide assistance to the rest of the management staff members as requested, when needed.
Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director of PR or General Manager
● Abide by the Rules & Regulations established by the New Jersey Spartans Organization.  
● Project a professional image in all interactions with customers and fellow Spartan Associates. 
● Arrive on time and perform your duties based upon your scheduled hours.
● Represent the New Jersey Spartans and the football program with pride and respect at all times.
● Professional Verbal and Written Communication Skills
● Excellent Presentation Skills
● Ability to maintain a motivating environment.
● Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Office
● Excellent Organizational skills
● High School Graduate
● 5 years Football experience, either playing or coaching.
● Extensive knowledge of the game of football
● Must know Minor League Rules & Regulations 
● Some college, with course works in Broadcasting, Communications, Radio

478 Union Avenue, Belleville, NJ 07109 | 973- SPARTAN | WWW.NJSPARTANS.COM



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