Newark Museum Open House WED 3-6pm

20 09 2011

Watch the video that CMS students created on the Museum:



Pic from Tony Graves shoot

16 09 2011

Internship at Aljira Art Gallery

16 09 2011

591 Broad Street Newark, NJ 07102-4403 ph 973 622-1600 fx 973 622-6526

ALJIRA INTERNSHIP PROGRAM OVERVIEW Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art internships provide a unique opportunity to learn about nonprofit arts management and recent developments in contemporary art and visual culture. Aljira is a 27 year-old organization that supports the careers and professional development of emerging and underrepresented artists and broadens the horizons of teens from some of our city’s most marginalized communities. As part of the small and friendly team at Aljira, interns are integral to our organization as a whole and report to Aljira’s Administrative Assistant.

Interview with Tony Graves today

15 09 2011

CMS 210 students: Check out Tony’s website and come up with 5 questions for the shoot today.



The Power of College Radio

15 09 2011

Check out this article about William Paterson’s radio station leading College Radio Day.

9 09 2011

Shot Composition

9 09 2011

Shot Composition.