Exhibit opening tonight @ CWOW

20 09 2012

Constructed Ambiguity

Curated by Gary Garrido Schneider

Opening Reception
Thursday, September 20, 2012 6-8 pm

Join us this Thursday for the opening reception of our fall exhibition Constructed Ambiguity, at cWOW’s Crawford Street Gallery, curated by Gary Garrido Schneider. This exhibition will include enigmatic artwork that cannot be easily resolved, that takes the familiar and makes it unfamiliar. The show features works that through shifts in scale or perspective, allow for poetic associations constructed images and imagined landscapes that fluctuate between the micro and macro, creating metaphors for the internal and external.Constructed Ambiguity explores the boundary between object and image, and conflates the authentic and artifice.

The exhibition features works by artists: 

Ben Altman | Trevor Amery | Ron Brown | Allison Gant | Bryan Kruger | Sarah Lynch | Brad Moore | Deborah Orloff | Ryan Roa | Matt Roberts | Kara L. Rooney | Anna Ryabtsov | Madelaine Shellaby | Leona Strassberg Steiner | Erika Velazquez | Hannah Whitaker 




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