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30 09 2013


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September, 2013

You’re Invited to the Launch of the Media Action Grassroots Network’s (MAG-Net) Community Media Cohort



The goal of the MAG-Net Community Media Cohort is to foster, strengthen and advance community media infrastructures, collaborations, and projects both locally and nationally.

This Cohort is hosted by MAG-Net members including Community Media Workshop, Media Alliance, PhillyCAM, Prometheus Radio Project, Institute for Local Self Reliance, and St. Paul Neighborhood Network.

RSVP for Our Community Media Cohort Dialogue Now!






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Privacy Policy

MAG-Net is a project of The Center for Media Justice (CMJ).  CMJ is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our website, as well as that of our online action members. In general, CMJ treats your contact information as private and confidential. CMJ will not give, sell, rent, exchange or otherwise share your information with anyone else without your prior consent.







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