Award Opportunity

21 10 2013
The Louis E. Burnham Award is granted each year to an individual whose work reflects the interests and values of Louis Burnham’s life. Those interests included:

·      racial justice in urban areas and the U.S. South
·      human rights
·      socially engaged journalism
·      African-American politics
·      youth leadership

Commemorating Burnham’s lifelong engagement with progressive causes, the award recognizes the work of journalists, social justice activists and scholars who have amply demonstrated their commitment to racial justice and the advancement of the African-American community. The Award consists of a grant of $5,000 to be used to support the work of the recipient.
Interested applicants should send a resume, a two-page statement of interest and two letters of recommendation to:
The statement of interest should address how the applicant’s work manifests the interests and values noted above and how the award will be used to advance that work. Applications should be received by November 30, 2013.
At the end of the award year, the recipient will be expected to provide the Louis E. Burnham Award Fund Committee with a brief written summary of the purposes to which the grant was put.
Contributions to the Fund are deeply appreciated and may be mailed to:
Louis E. Burnham Award Fund
189 Maple Street
Brooklyn, New York 11225
Linda Burnham



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