Games for Change & Tribeca Film Fest Team Up

13 02 2014

The Games for Change Festival – the largest gaming event in New York City – joins the Tribeca Film Festival this year and features inspiring world renowned speakers, great games, and networking opportunities:

** Game Makers
Jenova Chen – Creator of Journey, Flower
Jane McGonigal – NYT bestselling author, Reality is Broken
Noah Falstein – Chief Game Designer, Google
Paolo Pedercini – Founder of Molleindustria
Mary Flanagan – Director of the Tiltfactor Lab
Josh Larson – Game designer, That Dragon, Cancer

These game creators will reveal how games are changing – and changing the world we live in. Unique to this year, Games for Change Festival audiences will also hear from top researchers in their respective fields who are embedding games and game thinking to tackle intractable challenges in health, economics, education, and more.

** Research Leaders
Dan Ariely – World expert in behavioral economics & NYT bestselling author
Deborah Estrin – Pioneer in small data, Cornell Tech
Zoran Popovic – Creator of Foldit, University of Washington
Dr. Adam Gazzaley – Neuroscientist, UCSF
Dean Karlan – Global expert in developmental economics, Yale

** Plus:
Play the year’s best games for change:
• Public arcade at the Tribeca Family Street Fair, on April 26, open to 300,000 visitors in lower Manhattan
• Come Out & Play curated games for attendees & at the Tribeca Family Street Fair
• Well Played series curated by the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University
• Award Nominees Showcase


Don’t miss the registration deadline: Only one week left to save 20% on Festival tickets… Early-bird registration ends February 21, 11:59 p.m. ET.

Register here:




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