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26 09 2014

Good Morning,

This is Prof. Phipps and I will be working with you for the remaining part of this independent study.  For those of you who dont know me, I have over 20 yrs of production experience. I’ve worked on documentaries, TV shows, music videos, films and web based/interactive media. I’ve worked on The Cosby Show, TVLand.com. Sesame Workshop, Volume.com and Interactive One. Please introduce yourself and tell me why you took this class, what you hope to learn/do and what are you working on. Looking forward to hearing from you.



11 09 2014


For more info, contact Professor Wager, Coordinator of Digital Media Programs

jwager@essex.edu | 973-877-1937 | Rm 1143 in Red Area


NOTE:  You should thoroughly research the organization prior to submitting your cover letter inquiry regarding internships.  Be prepared and knowledgeable about the organization you hope to work for — that’s the best way to get your foot in the door!




New Jersey


Oxygen Box Band

Live Soul Rock Reggae

Videographers/editors/multimedia journalist




Techdesigno LLC (West Orange, NJ)

Contact:  John Mitrano, Owner, (973) 736-7973, Email: John@techdesigno.com

Focus:  Graphic Design


New Jersey Motion Picture & Television Commission (Newark, NJ)

Contact:  Joe Marra, Assistant Production Coordinator, 973-648-6279, njfilm@njfilm.org

Focus:  Film

WBGO (Newark, NJ)

Contact: Josh Rosenfeld, Membership Coordinator, jrosenfeld@wbgo.org

Focus: Radio, Marketing, PR


NJTV News (Montclair, NJ)

Contact:  Charmaine Thomas, Production Coordinator,  ThomasC@njtvonline.org

Focus:  TV news


AM 1430 Newsroom


CONTACT: Juan Nortex jnortez@newarkradioseries.com / 862-755-2377



Contact:  Thomas Cha, Business Manager, Tel (973) 852-0300, Direct (973) 852-0338, tcha@wmbctv.com

Focus:  TV


Alvarez Photography (Newark, NJ)

Contact:  Tony Alvarez, http://www.anthonyalvarezphoto.com, tony@anthonyalvarezphoto.com | 201.988.0360

Focus:  Digital Photography, Video

O’ia-da International (Newark, NJ)

Contact: Eric Jones, CEO, ericjones@oiadaintl.org

Focus: Teleconferencing, Video, International


Ironbound Film and Television Studios (Newark, NJ)

Contact: Peter Meister, peter.meister@ironboundfilmstudios.com

Focus:  Film, TV Production


Aljira Center for Contemporary Art

Contact; Fayemi Shakur, info@aljira.org, fashakur@gmail.com

Focus:  Art, New Media, PR


Center Stage Cuts (Newark, NJ)

Contact: Calvin Quallis, Managing Partner, Calvin.Quallis@ipsos.com

Focus:  Webisode Production, Event Video


New York

IFP Made in New York Media Center (Brooklyn, NY)

Contact: Nekisa Cooper, Education Coordinator, ncooper@mediacenter.com

Focus: Game, Interactive Media, Film


Democracy Now! (Manhattan, NY)

Contact:  admin@democracynow.org and jessica@democracynow.org http://www.democracynow.org/about/jobs#internships

Focus:  Multimedia News


Shirley Rodriguez Photography (Brooklyn, NY)

Contact:  Shirley Rodriguez, Owner, shirleyshoots@gmail.com, shotbyshirl.com
Focus: Digital Photography, Web Design, Video



ECCO, Student Newspaper

Contact: Alissa Lopez, lia394@yahoo.com

Focus: Web, Graphic Design


Marketing and Communications department

Contact: Yla Eason, Director, yeason@essex.edu

Focus: Web, Graphic Design


Urban Issues Institute

Contact: Dr. Margaret Stevens, Director, mstevens@essex.edu

Focus:  Web, Graphic Design, Data Visualization

*Internships in the Communications departments of various Essex County government offices are available to highly motivated students.  Please speak with Professor Wager for more information.

CIN 101 Students: Materials for Tuesday Quiz

11 09 2014

Review the attached PDF presentation and the following youtube documentaries in addition to reading Chapter 10.

Alice Guy Blache:

Oscar Micheaux:

Mass Media Timeline – PDF PRESENTATION